Dining Downunder the Australian Cooking Show

Dining Downunder ™ is an Australian cooking show which includes segments shot in numerous scenic locations and features our internationally recognised food style. Our hook, to attract audiences is the innovative twist of using indigenous Australian ingredients, which are now spreading across the globe as the newest food trend used by creative chefs, adventurous home cooks and innovative manufacturers.

The Dining Downunder ™ celebrity chefs – Vic Cherikoff (Executive Producer and show host), Benjamin Christie and Mark McCluskey are much more than our guides on this journey, they are ambassadors of Australian Cuisine. Today, they travel the world educating and entertaining not only viewers of the show but gourmands and chefs, manufacturers, marketers and exporters.

As well as this role, they work closely with the Australian Government in promoting Australia and Australian exports by demonstrating the essentials and uniqueness of our cuisine. This keeps our chefs travelling the globe attending a host of events, trade shows and food festivals.

Dining Downunder™ is up-market and up-beat with a fully professional presentation of Australia, Australian food and its range of food styles while addressing broadcasters’ needs for informational, educational and inspirational ‘infotainment’. This is the creation of a new cooking genre with a twist of the larrikin, a hint of Aboriginal traditions and the portrayal of our contemporary food scene.

Dining Downunder™ is a joint production between Vic Cherikoff Food Services of Sydney, Australia and Greant Patterson of Bailey Park Productions of Toronto, Canada (co-Executive Producer and concept development).