Celebrity Chef Events

In recent times, Australia has become a culinary tourism destination par excellence. It has a growing stable of celebrity chefs, dedicated foodies and passionate producers along with committed marketers and promoters of the food industry. From this position, our Dining Downunder ™ celebrity chefs, Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie, have hosted events, food festivals, corporate events, trade shows, cooking classes, celebrity chef appearances and Australian Government functions right around the world. They invite enquiries for their involvement in events where their standing as specialist celebrity chefs can help promote Australia as a world food capital.

Australia is known for its wines, olive oil, seafood, lamb, beef, yabbies and cheeses – clean and green produce of all sorts. Yet there is a secret even Australians themselves are only just discovering: We have the beginnings of an authentic Australian cuisine, one based on the rare, unique and distinctive ingredients indigenous to our country and now being worked into a national fusion food style and even tailored with regional specialties.

This emerging cuisine is modern in style and sophisticated in both, the level of food service and also the nature of the produce. The challenge since the industry was started back in the early 1980s by Vic Cherikoff with his commercialisation of a selection of wild species, has been to re-develop the raw produce into chef-friendly seasonings, mixes, sauces, syrups, preserves, extracts, juices and more. However, it remains the domain of celebrity chefs to disseminate the knowledge of to what the ingredients most compare, what peculiarities they have in use and the wide range of possible applications they have.

Whatever type of event you are planning our Australian celebrity chefs are available to introduce the modern trend of the newest foods from the oldest living culture on the planet.

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If you recognise the benefits and value which our Australian Celebrity Chefs bring to your event, then please Email Events for more information on how we can get involved to assist you in achieving your planned outcomes.