Dining Downunder Online Advertising

Harnessing the power of television as well as the online user, the Dining Downunder website provides advertisers a pre-qualified audience face-to-face with their products and services. At the conclusion of each episode of Dining Downunder viewers are directed to www.dining-downunder.com to learn more.

Online, each episode of Dining Downunder is supported with content from every destination together with detailed recipes, creating the perfect relationship from TV to web for viewers. Much more than just a recipe resource, The Dining Downunder website provides information about Dining Downunder events, where to meet our celebrity chefs and our blog.

Our audience demographics

Both the online user and TV audience of Dining Downunder is targeted at people interested in both gourmet food and/or learning more about Australia as a culinary tourism destination.
Given the unique programming focus on Australian flavours, the audience has a high proportion of professional chefs and cooks, gourmets, retailers and even other media.

Demographic Highlights

• Strong female audience
• Audience ranges from ages 25 to 55
• Household income $50k-$100k
• Household decision makers
• Food Influencers

Online advertising opportunities

• Rich Media adveritisment positions
• Text Links
• Recipe Integration
• Preroll on celebrity chef podcasts
• Preroll on cooking videos
• Email Newsletters
• Competitions and giveaways
• Online Surveys
• Custom sponsorship opportunities

If you are interested in advertising online or require more information or would like a copy of our rate card Email Sales and Marketing team.