Füritechnics Knives for Professional Chefs and Home Cooks

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Füritechnics is an Australian-based engineering development company with a mission to produce unique solutions for professional (and serious amateur) cooks. The company was founded by mechanical engineer Mark Henry in Brisbane in July 1996 upon his vision to offer chefs new solutions to old problems, by developing innovative products of unbeatable performance and value, for worldwide distribution.

This value has been achieved with a precise and unbeatable combination of quality, price, and innovative design. Most of the engineering developments are world-first: Füritechnics hold a number of patents, with many more pending, for important advances in this industry:

  • Füri handle shape: unique ‘reverse wedge’ handle shape developed to resist hand slip toward the blade. This innovation greatly reduces hand fatigue for working chefs, because less slip means less squeezing is required to do the same work.
  • Coppertail’: innovation allowing cooks to rebalance their knives as the blade wears down.
  • Diamond Fingers sharpening/honing method; Tech Edge sharpening system; Ozitech sharpener/honer: world-first sharpening/honing tools that replicate the honing action of a traditional chef’s Steel, but eliminate all human angle error to allow everyone to quickly achieve edges that are both perfectly shaped, and perfectly honed.
  • FX, Forged eXoskeleton manufacturing method: pioneered by Füritechnics to manufacture stronger and more hygienic professional knives. With this method, the blade, bolster, and the bottom half of the handle are forged from one piece of alloy – instead of forging a tang through the centre and adding handle pieces, we forge the tang into the shape of the handle.

Growth has increased rapidly, fuelled by growing respect among for the Füri brand among experts in many countries. Füri products are market leaders in Australia, and rapidly growing in stature in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Europe, and expanding locations around the world.

Extraordinary expansion in the USA, particularly after the endorsement of TV celebrity cook Rachael Ray, led to the establishment of Füritechnics USA Inc in San Francisco in August of 2005.

In late 2007 an all new high performance Füri knife range was developed and launched in association with Stephanie Alexander and the engineers, designers and chefs at Füritechnics. Füri Grip has the same patented Füri handle shape, and now the advantage of a durable thermoplastic elastomer synthetic rubber handle, for the ultimate in comfort and grip. Plus in an exciting new innovation in hygiene for home cooks, Füri Guard™ has been incorporated into the Füri handle moulding. Füri Guard™ is a proven effective antimicrobial agent that helps prevent bacteria from developing on the surface of Füri Grip handles. For long term protection, Füri Guard™ is moulded with the rubberized handle and will not wash off or wear away. All the knives in the Füri Grip range feature the patented Füri handle for comfort and grip, moulded with Füri Guard™ antimicrobial for hygiene, exceptional forged bolster and hardened & tempered German CrMoV stainless steel for edge retention and durability.

Füri Awards and Designations:

  • UK 2006 The Cookshop and Housewares Association: Best Packaging Award OZITECH Knife Sharpener
  • USA 2006 Mark Henry profiled as “Industry Player” in Home World Business
  • USA 2006 American Academy of Taste Award of Distinction, for “Knives, Single Piece, Non-fused for Food Service”
  • Australia 2006 Reed Design Award for OZITECH Knife Sharpener
  • Australia 2005 Fisher & Paykel Australian Institute of Management Medal for “Management Innovation”
  • Australia 2005 Outstanding Alumni Award – Mark Henry
  • USA 2005 Professional Chefs Association “Quality Gold Award”
  • UK Catering and Hoteliers “Best New Products 2005”
  • Australia 1999 Winner of the Commonwealth Government “Micro-Business Award.”

Website: www.furitechnics.com

Vic Cherikoff