Update from Down Under

Lots of food has gone through the kitchen since the last blog on this site and we’ll be more regularly adding information on Australian food and cooking as it happens Down Under.

For an update or to keep in touch with developments in the worlds of authentic Australian food, subscribe to the RSS feeds at Vic’s site, Benjamin’s site or the Kakadu Juice website.

In brief, Australian wild food is now more available in the USA with the Vic Cherikoff Down Under range of sauces and splashes in Whole Foods Markets nationally as well as in Andronico’s, Lunardi’s, Wegman’s and Atkin’s chain supermarkets.

We also ship orders from our on-line store and product goes all over the world. The only limitations we have are Paperbark into the USA (although we can ship Paperbark smoke oil) and any orders into Italy (the customs officials are so corrupt we won’t send parcels there after having lost previous shipments for no apparent reason). Luckily, we have supplied chefs and cooks from Alaska to Kazakhstan.

While you’re browsing through our store, please checkout our Xmas hampers which we offer year-round as gifts for any occasion. Some companies even offer them as rewards for achieving sales targets, safety goals or other performance markers.

Anyway. Authentic Australian food is thriving. More people are getting creative with the wild flavors of Australia and chefs are putting their own spin on Australian cuisine. We hope that this site is a good introduction to Australian food if you are visiting for the first time and that you explore our other sites above.

Vic Cherikoff