VitaMan Natural Grooming for Men

VitaMan stands apart from other men’s products due to our commitment to offering the highest quality and most effective ingredients available.

Our shaving, skincare and haircare ranges are formulated utilising unique Australian Native Plant, Herb and Fruit Extracts, which have been used by Indigenous Australians for over 30,000 years, and which have been scientifically proven in their effectiveness in treating a wide range of male skin conditions such as dry, dehydrated skin, ageing, sun-damaged skin, shave rash, problem skin, dull brittle, thinning hair and itchy flaky scalp conditions.

Developed by co-owners Glenn Kiddell (Naturopath/Herbalist) and Clare Matthews (Beauty Therapist & International Skincare Lecturer) along with Vic Cherikoff (Australia’s leading Scientific Researcher & Author on Australian Native Medicine and Bush Food).

VitaMan is for the modern man who wants to feel and look his best!

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