Alpine peppered pineapple with wild fruit yoghurt

Serves: 4



8 pineapple slices
butter for frying
1 teaspoon Alpine Pepper
¼ jar Buderim ginger, lemon and lime marmalade
2 cups Greek style yoghurt
3 teaspoons Wild Rosella Confit
¼ teaspoon Fruit Spice
tuile, ginger snap, crostolli or other biscuit or wafer for a crispy garnish
sprig of mint, native or otherwise


In a pan, melt the butter and begin to sauté the pineapple slices
season generously with Alpine pepper melt in the marmalade to finish meanwhile; mix the rosella extract and Fruit spice into the yoghurt; sweeten it if you wish with some honey or maple syrup


Use the picture as a guide or exercise your own creativity giving the dish some height and focus. You could also add toasted nuts or some of Dick Smith Foods’ Bushfood breakfast – just for that all important textural crunch.

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Dining Downunder Cookbook

This Australian recipe of Alpine peppered pineapple with wild fruit yoghurt is included in the Dining Downunder Cookbook which can be purchased online at the Dining Downunder Online Shop. Also available online is a wide range of native Australian herbs and spices, sauces, syrups, infused oils and bush tucker ingredients such as wattleseed and paperbark rolls.

Vic Cherikoff