Lillipilli in the Rocks

Hidden in the tangled lanes and walkways of Sydney’s colonial past, Vic Cherikoff found the Aboriginal owned and run Lillipilli in the Rocks. Lillipilli in the Rocks is one of a kind, offering diners one of the most diverse menus in Australia. Guests can order exotic game like kangaroo, emu, crocodile, wallaby, possum, stingray, all lovingly prepared with indigenous vegetables and herbs.

During Vic’s visit at Lillipilli in the Rocks some of the items on the menu included char grilled kangaroo fillet with bush tomato jus, tempura crocodile with lemon myrtle mayonnaise, wild icecream pyramid with Davidson Plum and mango syrup.

Apart from the unique Australian native cuisine, Lillipilli in the Rocks offers a variety aboriginal entertainment, ranging from dreamtime stories to didgeridoo players creating electric sounds completing the total dining experience.

Lillipilli In The Rocks is currently moving to a new location as such is presently closed.

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1 Globe Street at Nurses Walk
The Rocks, NSW, 2000

Vic Cherikoff