Australia Day on Sydney Harbour

For Australia Day, our chefs visit the Sydney Fish Markets, then board a cruiser for a seafood lunch on Sydney Harbour. Our skipper finds a sheltered cove and we cook on the BBQ off the back of the boat. It’s a great way to enjoy this amazing part of Sydney on an Australia Day long weekend or anytime.

Sydney Harbour, otherwise known as Port Jackson is the natural waterway of our busiest city and is considered one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. On final approach to a landing at Sydney airport the harbour is a sight to behold and you’ll often hear the sighs of pleasure from returning Sydneysiders aboard the aeroplane.

The harbour’s discovery by Europeans is credited to James Cook in 1770, who named the harbour after Sir George Jackson, Judge Advocate of the Fleet at the time. However, the harbour had been home to two Aboriginal tribes, one on each side of the waterway, for at least 26,000 years. Captain Arthur Phillip established the first colony of the invading Europeans in Australia at Sydney Cove inside Port Jackson in 1788. That colony grew to become the township and then the city of Sydney.

Sydney Harbour these days is also a very productive waterway in terms of a fishery, as a recreational resource and a working river system and the great views often enhance the food in the many restaurants around its foreshores.

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Sydney Fish Market
Bank Street
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009

Vic Cherikoff