Polenta and Lemon Aspen cake with sugar bag and Wild Rosella Cream

Serves: 4



250g polenta
800ml of water
150ml Lemon Aspen Syrup
2 fresh figs
20g Wild Rosella Confit
50g castor sugar
30ml sugarbag
100ml fresh cream
40g Riberry Confit


1. In a pot, combine the water, lemon aspen syrup and polenta; bring to the boil, stirring constantly
2. the polenta will take 5 -7 minutes to cook through, once at a boil
3. spoon out the polenta from the pot and place into a flat tray and allow to cool
4. once cool, cut into triangle or hexagon shapes, with three pieces per serve
5. in a bowl, briskly whip the fresh cream to stiff peaks and flavour with the sugarbag; use maple syrup as a substitute; set aside
6. slice the figs into thin slices
7. in another pot, heat castor sugar until dissolved; it may require a little water to soften the mix


Finally assemble the dish, by placing a piece of the polenta on the plate. Then add a little cream and fig slice and repeat, building up the dish. Garnish with cream, riberries and the sugared rosella.

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Dining Downunder Cookbook

This Australian recipe of Polenta and Lemon Aspen cake with sugar bag and Wild Rosella Cream is included in the Dining Downunder Cookbook which can be purchased online at the Dining Downunder Online Shop. Also available online is a wide range of native Australian herbs and spices, sauces, syrups, infused oils and bush tucker ingredients such as wattleseed and paperbark rolls.

Episode: Crowne Plaza Newcastle

Recipe By: Vic Cherikoff

Vic CherikoffWe seem to forget that polenta or corn was once only food for native American Indians and is now a world food crop. Contrast this to Australia where the only global food species native to this country is the macadamia nut. But times they are a-changing.

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