Twice baked goats cheese soufflé

Serves: 4

Difficulty:Twice baked goats cheese soufflé title=

40g butter
225ml milk
1 bay leaf
1 pinch grated nutmeg
½ onion, sliced
40g flour
175g ripe goat’s cheese
4×60g eggs separated
½ teaspoon Alpine Pepper
150ml cream


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
2. using a thick bottomed pan melt the butter slowly
3. in a separate pan warm the milk, bay leaf, nutmeg and onion gently
4. add the flour to the butter and cook out for about 1 minute, stirring
5. add the soft goats cheese and stir until it combines
6. add the egg yolks
7. whip the egg whites in an electric mixer, a good tip when working with egg whites is to wipe the bowl out with a lemon half, and start the egg whites off slowly; this helps them to take in more air, then turn the speed to full until the whites are firm and you could upturn the bowl above your head without wearing egg on your face
8. add the milk to the cheese mixture and cook out, stirring until all the lumps have gone; season with the Alpine Pepper and then take the pan off the heat so that it cools down
9. butter and flour six moulds
10. fold in one spoonful of the whipped egg whites at a time, so that you don’t lose the aeration, be gentle and the result will be great
11. spoon the mixture into the moulds and place in a deep tray; add boiling water ¾ way up the sides of the moulds
12. put them in the pre heated oven for about twenty minutes; remove and allow to cool


When it is time to serve the soufflés, pour the cream over them and place them back in the oven until warm. I like to serve these soufflés with a really peppery, rocket (choose the older leaves rather than baby rocket which is too mild for this dish) and dress it with a balsamic reduction and some diced fresh chilli.
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Dining Downunder Cookbook
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Episode: The Cowrie Restaurant Terrigal Beach

Recipe By: Mark McCluskey

Mark McCluskeyExperiment with this dish; add what ever you want to the soufflé, sweet or savory it doesn’t matter. And try the more ripen cheeses which can handle other strong flavours Unlike a conventional souffle which is light and fluffy, this twice cooked version is a little more substantial and well as being delicious.

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