Wattleseed pancakes with riberry confit

Serves: As many as you want



2-3 cups of self-raising flour
a pinch of salt
milk or water
a dash of Wattleseed Extract
oil spray for frying or a non-stick pan
Riberry Confit


1. mix the flour and salt and add enough milk or water to just take up all the dry mix
2. continue adding liquid and stirring well to make a smooth, thick batter
3. add the wattleseed extract or the grounds to get a pale coffee colour and leave to stand for 15 minutes
4. adjust the thickness by adding more liquid, if necessary, choosing to make pancakes or crepes (thick or thin, respectively).
5. into a lightly oiled or non-stick pan heated to medium high heat, pour in a small ladle-full of batter (or use a squeeze bottle as I did on the show) using enough batter to make 12 or 13
pancakes all up (a good cook will always try one pancake in case it needs more flavour)
6. leave to cook through until the top side is just dry and flip the pancake over
7. cook briefly to finish (around 30 seconds)
8. store the cooked pancakes under a kitchen towel until all the pancakes are done


1. It’s your choice of stacking or spreading. All I can say is this is a frequent Sunday breakfast for me sometimes with wattleseed cream or Fruit Spice sour cream instead of the ice cream.

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Dining Downunder Cookbook

This Australian recipe of Wattleseed pancakes with riberry confit is included in the Dining Downunder Cookbook which can be purchased online at the Dining Downunder Online Shop. Also available online is a wide range of native Australian herbs and spices, sauces, syrups, infused oils and bush tucker ingredients such as wattleseed and paperbark rolls.

Episode: Hydro Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains

Recipe By: Vic Cherikoff

Vic CherikoffI normally don’t like stacked dishes because as soon as you hit it with a fork, it looks like the dog’s dinner. An alternative way to serve them is to cook thin crepes, pack them with the fruit mix and lavish them with cream or ice cream. Note that there are short cuts given in this recipe but some of the components are best prepared ahead of time or obtained ready-made.

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