Wine drenched lamb with Alpine Pepper mash

Serves: 4



180g lamb loin
1 cup red wine
80g potatoes
80ml lamb stock
50g green beans
50g asparagus
10g Rainforest Rub
2g Outback Salt
5g Alpine Pepper
20g butter
50ml cream
5ml vegetable oil


1. Marinate the lamb in a small bowl with the wine for about 5-6 hours or overnight in the fridge
2. peel and roughly chop the potatoes and place in a pot; cover generously with cold water and bring to the boil; simmer for 35 minutes or until soft
3. remove the lamb from the red wine and on a hot BBQ or grill, seal and brown the meat allover; finish in the oven at 180°C for 12 minutes; rest the meat for 10 minutes
4. combine the remaining red wine marinade with the lamb jus and reduce to a thick sauce; be sure to strain the jus before serving
5. strain the potatoes and mash together with butter and cream, season with salt and Alpine Pepper
6. slice the asparagus and green beans
7. heat a large frying pan or wok with a little vegetable oil, sauté the green beans and asparagus and finish with Rainforest Rub


Slice the lamb and serve on the potato mash with the greens to the side and the plate drizzled with the lamb jus.

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Episode: Feast Restaurant on Avoca Beach

Recipe By: Benjamin Christie

Benjamin ChristieI love tender lamb with a good drop of red, so here I would recommend using a light red wine, as marinating it in a strong full bodied merlot or cabernet sauvignon will make it difficult to pair with a table wine to go with the meal. The strong peppery notes of the Alpine Pepper creates a unique flavour with plenty of punch

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