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Riberry confit (250g)

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Manufactured by: Vic Cherikoff
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New pack size - now in 250g (8.3oz) glass jars.

This Australian rainforest fruit confit has an amazingly aromatic, cinnamon and clove flavour and is great as a garnish for almost any dessert or served with ice cream or yoghurt on its own or with other fruits (bananas, mango, stone fruits). Try riberry fruit confit with a good Australian soft cheese, some baked ricotta or a classic Australian cheese plate.

Even though they are preserved with a sugaring process (fructose free) and are obviously sweetened, they are also good in salads and stir-fries or over meat. Try them in a mushroom risotto. Remember, you can always reduce the sweetness by adding a little top quality, red wine vinegar. Add some riberry fruit confit and a dash of the syrup to a salsa made with some sweet corn kernels, diced bell peppers and Spanish onion and some chopped chilli to taste. Use the riberry fruit confit syrup in mineral water or add some to a wheat beer. Try them in a little reduced balsamic vinegar or add a few berries to a quality beef jus. Ideal in a rich beef and Alpine pepper sauce.

If you're not yet drooling in anticipation at all these ideas, just add a few riberries and a splash of the riberry fruit confit syrup to a chilled glass of champagne or a Riberry Vodkatini while you contemplate your menu.

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Ingredients: Riberry Fruit, glucose, trehalose, Herbal-Active® (functional flavours)
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